Journal of Veterinary Medicine A, ( ISI ), Volume (48), No (7), Year (2001-9) , Pages (385-389)

Title : outbreak of osteodystrophia fibrosa in young goats ( Outbreak of Osteodystrophia Fibrosa in Young Goats )

Authors: Mohammad Reza Aslani , Ahmad Reza Movassaghi , Mehrdad Mohri , Hesam A Seifi ,

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Osteodystrophia ®brosa was diagnosed in young goats which received a diet of 60% wheat straw and 40% barley for 8 months. The ratio of calcium:phosphorus in the diet was 1:1.8. The clinical signs were bilateral and symmetrical enlargement of the face, swelling of the joints, and limb deformities. The laboratory ®ndings showed a low level of serum calcium in all affected goats. Histopathological examination revealed marked ®brous deposition and osteoclasia in bones of the maxilla and mandible.


, Osteodystrophia Fibrosa, Goats
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