Nuclear Physics B, ( ISI ), Year (2006-5)

Title : Tochyon tvnnelling in D-brane –anti-D-brane ( Superstring Scattering from O-planes )

Authors: Mohammad Reza Garousi ,

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We write the vertex operators of massless NS-NS and RR states of Type II superstring theory in the presence of Orientifold p-planes. They include the usual vertex operators of Type II theory and their images. We then calculate the two-point functions of these vertex operators at the projective plane PR_2 level. We show that the result can be written in the Veneziano-type formulae, with the same kinematic factor that appears in the D_p-branes amplitudes. While the scattering amplitudes with the usual vertex operators are not gauge invariant, the above amplitudes are invariant. From the amplitude describing scattering of two NS-NS states off the O-plane, we find the low energy effective action of O-planes. The result shows a relative factor 2^{p-6} between couplings to O-planes and to D-branes at (\\\\alpha\\\')^2 order.


, O-planes, scattering
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