Journal of High Energy Physics, ( ISI ), Year (2007-3)

Title : Closed string S-matrix elements in open string field theory ( Entropy Function for Non-extremal D1D5 and D2D6NS5-branes )

Authors: Ahmad Ghodsi Mahmoudzadeh , Mohammad Reza Garousi ,

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We apply the entropy function formalism to non-extremal D1D5 and D2D6NS5-branes whose throat approximation is given by the Schwarzschild black hole in AdS_3\\\\\\\\times S^3\\\\\\\\times T^4 and AdS_3\\\\\\\\times S^2\\\\\\\\times S^1\\\\\\\\times T^4, respectively. We find the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy and the (alpha\\\\\\\')^3R^4 corrections from the value of the entropy function at its saddle point. While the higher derivative terms have no effect on the temperature, they decrease the value of the entropy.


, Black Holes in String Theory,
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