Journal of High Energy Physics, ( ISI ), No (67), Year (2008-3)

Title : Entropy function for non - extremal D1D5 and D2D6NS5 - branes ( On thermodynamics of N=6 superconformal Chern-Simons theories at strong coupling )

Authors: Ahmad Ghodsi Mahmoudzadeh , Mohammad Reza Garousi , mehran khosravi ,

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Recently it has been conjectured that N=6, U(N)_{k} \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\times U(N)_{-k} Chern-Simons theory is dual to M-theory on AdS_4\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\times S^7/Z_{k}. By studying one-loop correction to the M-theory effective action, we calculate the correction to the entropy of thermal field theory at strong coupling. For large k level, we have also found the alpha\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' correction to the entropy from the string correction of the type IIA effective action. The structure of these two corrections at strong t\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Hooft coupling are different.


, M-Theory, AdS-CFT
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