Iranian Journal of Materials Science and Engineering, Volume (3), No (1), Year (2006-2) , Pages (1-8)

Title : Hot crack formation in pure Cu and Cu-30%Zn alloy during in situ solidification ( HOT CRACK FORMATION IN PURE Cu AND Cu-30%Zn ALLOY DURING IN SITU SOLIDIFICATION )

Authors: Mohsen Haddad Sabzevar , Hasse Fredriksson ,

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Abstract: The hot cracking susceptibility can be determined by establishing the transition temperature between brittle and ductile fracture at high temperature tensile testing of in situ solidified samples. High temperature tensile properties were determined for commercial cathodic pure Cu and Cu- 30%Zn alloy. The transition temperatures for pure Cu and Cu-30%Zn were evaluated from ultimate tensile stress, true strain and area reduction at different testing temperatures. The results show that hot cracking in pure Cu also occurred below and near to its melting temperature. It can be proposed that in this case excess vacancies and vacancy diffusion and condensation are the dominating mechanisms for hot crack formation.The transition temperature for Cu- 30%Zn was much lower than its solidus temperature and this alloy has more susceptibility to hot cracking as compared to pure Cu. The effect of two different cooling rates (15 ºC/min and 60 ºC/min) on the transition temperature was investigated. The results show that by increasing cooling rate, the transition temperature will increase. The morphology of fracture surfaces for both ductile and brittle modes were evaluated by SEM. Two different morphologies, i.e. interdendiritic and intergranual fracture, was found.


, Hot crack, Transition temperature, Vacancy, Brittle, Ductile, Fracture
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