International Journal of Algebra, Volume (1), No (2), Year (2007-2) , Pages (51-62)

Title : ON THE GROWTH SEQUENCES OF PSp($2m , q$) ( On the Growth Sequences of PSp_2m, q )

Authors: Ahmad Erfanian , رشيد رضايي ,

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The aim of this paper is to give a lower bound for h(2,PSp (2m, q)), for all 2 ≤ m ≤ 5 , m ≥ 10 and q ≥ 2, where h(2,G) is the maximum number such that G h(2,G) can be generated by 2 elements. Furthermore, we consider a problem which was conjectured by J.Wiegold and the first author in 1996, which says that h(2,G)2 > |G| for all finite non-abelian simple groups. We confirm the conjecture for the projective symplectic simple groups PSp (2m, q) at the end.


, Minimum number of generators, maximal subgroups, simple groups, projective symplectic linear
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