Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics, No (30), Year (2006-2) , Pages (301-310)

Title : Ultra Isologism of Groups ( Ultra Isologism of Groups )

Authors: Mohammad Reza Rajabzadeh Moghaddam , - - ,

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Abstract. In 1940, P. Hall introduced the concept of isoclinism of groups, and it was generalized to isologism with respect to a given variety of groups. In this paper, the notion of ultra isologism and varietal Hop¯an property of groups are introduced and we give some results similar to N.S. Hekster (1989) and M.R.R. Moghaddam and A.R. Salemkar (2000).


, Variety of groups; Verbal and marginal subgroups; Isologism; Ultra isolo, gism; Hop¯an property
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