Tropentag , 2008-10-07

Title : Factors Influencing of Farmers Access to Credit and Role onInvestment ( Factors Influencing of Farmers Access to Credit and Role on Investment )

Authors: Mohammad Reza Kohansal , Mohammad Ghorbani , hooman mansoori ,

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Recent studies on credit payment of banking systems show that payments to agricultural sector has a considerable growth, although it has fewer share than other economic sectors. Agricultural bank is one of the financial institutes that has a crucial role in providing farmer credit in recent decades. Almost 64% of total farm credit of Khorasan Razavi province has been paid by agricultural bank. The importance of financial support of farmers and the influencing of investment is well known for sometime. In order to identify the effective factors on credit access of farmers and also to evaluate the impacts of such factors on investment in farm activities, this study was carried out. Two groups of farmers, credit users and non-credit users, were studied using Discriminant analysis including Tobit and Logit models. Data were collected by interview and filling questionnaires by 177 farners in Mashhad,Cheneran,Torbat Heydarieh,and Neyshabour areas of Khorasan-Razavi province. Results of Discriminant analysis showed that the number of loans, precetage of using credit and the number of installments of last loan have the most important role. Results of Tobit model indicated that the number of previous loans, farm income; the cultivated area and the number of installments have greater importance in accessing to Agricultural bank credits respectively. Results of estimated Logit model showed that the number of installments had the largest importance in usage of credit by farmers followed by cultivated area and precetage of investment. Based on these results, it was suggested that providing credit profile, establishing award system and attention to policy of variables in investment could improve productivity and decrease the poverty in agricultural sector.


, Credit, disciminant analysis, investment, Khorasan, Razavi
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