International congress of bioethics, March 2005, Tehran, Iran , 2005-03-01

Title : Ethical issues in animal transgenesis ( Ethical issues in animal transgenesis )

Authors: Hesam Dehghani , Mohammad Reza Bassami , GHOLAMREZA HASHEMI TABAR ,

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The production and use of various kinds of the genetically manipulated (transgenic) animals has rapidly increased in biomedical and farm animal biotechnology. In this paper the moral aspects of animal genetic manipulation (animal transgenesis) according to the Iranian culture, moral, and religious values have been addressed. First the morally acceptable and objectionable issues in the process of animal transgenesis are discussed. The process of animal transgenesis is categorized into three phases of gene transfer into host embryo, transfer of genetically manipulated embryos into surrogate mother, and the evaluation of transgenic offspring. These three phases are outlined with an emphasis on the moral and cultural appropriateness of concepts like transfer of foreign genes into an organism, hormonal and surgical intervention of embryo donors and recipients, physical manipulation and selection of embryos as living entities, and the final selection of transgenic animals to choose the desirable modified genomes. Next, the potential benefits, harms, and also cultural and religious acceptability of various uses of transgenic animals have been outlined. Two main categories of utilization of transgenic animals, being beneficial for the life of just human, or for both human and animal lives are elaborated. In many cases transgenic animals are exploited to serve solely for human life, when they are used to advance our knowledge about the biological processes, when they are the donors of human-compatible organs, and when they make many pharmaceuticals as bioreactors. Enhancement of resistance to diseases, and protection of the endangered species from extinction are examples of the second category, where the transgenesis improves the life of the animals that are also valuable for human life. Finally, an emphasis has been put on the current status of animal transgenesis in Iran, and for the improvement and future development of animal transgenesis some policies have been proposed. Implementation of globally-accepted laws, establishment of organizations that could act as the national references of all biotechnological acts, and raising the general public’s awareness through educational programs are among these policies. A special reference has been made to the necessity of a balance among three elements of “demands”, “expert opinion”, and the “understanding of the general public”, which seems necessary for a decision to be made at the level of government and society.


, Animal transgenesis, Bioethics
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