ntrafood 2005 , 2005-10-23

Title : ( Determination shelf life of raw dried pistachio nuts )

Authors: Nasser Sedaghat , Sayed Ali Mortazavi , Inteaz . Alli , ابراهیم نوروزی ,

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Iran is one of the world’s most important areas for the production of pistachio nuts, the Ohadee variety of Iranian raw dry pistachio nuts was selected for the experiments . The method of Accelerated Shelf Life Testing (ASLT) used for storage and sensory properties ( taste, texture and overall acceptability ) of raw dried pistachio nuts were investigated at 21% ,8% & < 2 % O2 and different storage temperature (5,20,35,45 ºC).Samples were experimented at 4,6,8,10,12 weeks by use of split-plot design and estimate the modeling shelf life of this product at various conditions . Results showed that the sensory attributes (taste and texture) under factors of temperature, storage time and O2 % were significant ( p< o.o5) but overall acceptability was significant (p<0.05) under factor of storage time and maximum shelf life(284 days) for raw dried pistachio nuts determined at 5 ºC and < 2% O2 based on overall acceptability. Linear Regression second order function had a best fit with R2 > 98 at all levels of oxygen conditions (21% ,8% & < 2 % O2 ) for raw dried pistachio nuts.


, : Modeling, Shelf life, Pistachio , nuts, Sensory evaluation
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