ISCAS 2007 , 2007-05-27

Title : ( On the Linearization of MOSFET Capacitors )

Authors: Mohammad Danaie , , Sasan Naseh ,

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In this paper, a heuristic methodology for design of highly linear MOSFET capacitors (MOSCAPs) has been presented. For a certain amount of accessible chip area, the proposed algorithm intends to find the structure which has the least C-V variation. It uses a modified version of the genetic programming to optimize the capacitor topology and transistors\\\\\\\' dimensions. To test the performance of the algorithm, it was utilized for obtaining a highly linear 1 pF capacitor, i.e. with less than 3% variation of capacitance versus 1 V variation across the MOSCAP structure terminals, in a commercial 0.18 µm standard digital CMOS technology. This level of linearity can be otherwise achieved only with MIM capacitors, which are not available in digital CMOS processes.


, MOSFET Capacitor, linearization, C-V
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