International Journal of Civil Engineering, ( ISI ), Year (2006-8)

Title : ( Performance Evaluation of Precast Beam-to-Column Concrete Connection Using Pushover Analysis )

Authors: Hashem Shariatmadar , حامد عسگری ,

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This research is performed to compare behavior of a specific precast moment resisting frame to an emulative monolithic one\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s. In this study, the experimental data are used which are based on the precast connection tests conducted in the Middle East Technical University [1-2]. Six beam-to-beam connection subassemblies were tested under reversed cyclic loading simulating severe earthquake action. The first tested specimen was a monolithic specimen (MR1) and used as a reference specimen to define cast-in-place connection. Other specimens were precast elements that each one had its unique properties. The first precast specimen was the original specimen (PO1) designed and detailed by the company in cooperation. Others had some modification to improve the response behavior. In this research, the modified specimen PM1 and the original specimen PO1 are compared with reference monolithic specimen MR1. The hinge properties are derived based on the experimental hysteresis curves, and then implemented in nonlinear computer program. The nonlinear push-over analysis are preformed for a three stories-two bays frame designed using each mentioned connections. To investigate the behavior of the specimens, the results are discussed and compared to each other. Finally, based on the evaluation of all the results conclusion are made. In order to suggest the best substitution for monolithic cast in place connection, several recommendations are also given in the context of the paper.


, Beam, to, beam connection; Precast Concrete; Performance, Base, Design; Nonlinear Push, over Analysis; Hinge Properties
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