Asian Journal of Plant Sciences, ( ISI ), Volume (7), No (1), Year (2008-7) , Pages (50-59)

Title : ( Karyological study on Bellevalia and Muscaria species in Iran )

Authors: آذرنوش جعفری , علی اصغر معصومی , Mohammad Farsi ,

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An investigation of karyotype and chromosome numbers was carried out in different populations ofBellevalia Lapeyr. and Muscari Mill, species from Iran. In this research, six species of Bellevalia and sixspecies of Muscari were studied. Different levels of ploidy were found in them. In Bellevalia with x = 4, levelsof ploidy were diploid, autopentaploid and hexaploid and in Muscari with x = 9, it was diploid, autotriploid,tetraploid and autopentaploid. In the present research, for first time, the karyotype of B. Olivieri was preparedand a population of B. longistyla with autopenploid was observed. The variation of B chromosome number inBellevalia was considerable


, B chromosome, Bellevalia, Botryanthus, karyotype, Leopoldia, Muscari, Nutans,
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