IEICE Electronics Express, ( ISI ), Volume (5), No (7), Year (2008-4) , Pages (211-216)

Title : ( A sub-1-V high-gain single-stage operatinal amplifier )

Authors: Seyed Alireza Zabihian , Reza Lotfi ,

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Conventional voltage-gain enhancement of a traditional cascode amplifier using a gate-driven amplifier is not suitably applicable in (very-) low supply voltages. Here, we propose a novel gain-enhancement technique called “body-driven gain-boosting” technique where a body-driven auxi- liary amplifier enhances the output impedances of both the amplifier and the current-source load. Thus, the gain/swing requirement of the operational amplifier (opamp) is satisfied using a single-stage structure with much less power consumption compared to two- or multi-stage configurations. Simu- lation results of two different sub-1-V single-stage opamps for different speed-accuracy specifications are presented to demonstrate the effective- ness of the proposed structure.


, Analog CMOS integrated circuit, Body-driven, Gain-boosting, Low-voltage operational amplifier, Sample-and-hold amplifier
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