CAHAS 2009 (laufest) , 2009-05-11

Title : ( Weyl-Heisenberg Frames and phi-Factorable Operators on LCA groups )

Authors: Rajab Ali Kamyabi Gol , ریحانه رئیسی طوسی ,

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This paper is an investigation of factorable operators, Riesz bases and Weyl-Heisenberg frames on G with respect to a function-valued inner product, the so called phi-bracket product, on L2(G) where G is a locally compact abelian group and phi is a topological isomorphism on G. We investigate phi-factorable operators on L2(G) and extend Riesz Representation Theorems for these operators. Also we introduce phi-Riesz bases and obtain a characterization of them in L2(G). Finally we show that several well known theorems for Weyl-Heisenberg frames in L2(R) remain valid in L2(G), and they are unified under the aspects of group theory, in connection with the phi-bracket product.


, bracket product, phi-factorable operator, Weyl-Heisenberg Frame, locally compact abelian
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%0 Conference Proceedings
%T Weyl-Heisenberg Frames and phi-Factorable Operators on LCA groups
%A Kamyabi Gol, Rajab Ali
%A ریحانه رئیسی طوسی
%J CAHAS 2009 (laufest)
%D 2009