Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, ( ISI ), Volume (11), No (24), Year (2008-11) , Pages (2653-2659)

Title : ( Tetraploid Induction of Hyosyamus muticus L. using colchicine Treatment )

Authors: Farajollah Shahriari Ahmadi , esmaeil dehghan , Mohammad Farsi , Majid Azizi ,

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Abstract: In this study the tip of meristem in diploid plants(2n=2x=28) were treated with a 0.2% colchicines solution and flow cytometry was used to determine the DNA ploidy level of different tissues in individual plants. Morphological characteristics such as size and thickness of leaves, flowers, seeds, epidermis and guard cells, as well as the number of chloroplast in guard cells were considered as other parameters for identifying putative tetraploid plants. We show that, the DNA ploidy of Hyoscyamus muticus, trated with colchicines can be evaluated using flow cytometery. In addition we also report reliable morphological markers to identify putative tetraploid in this species. Although, tetraploidy was induced using this technique, mixoploid plants were also observed among the Egyptian henbane plants. This results of this study also indicate that colchicines treatment can efficiently be used to improve Hyoscyamus muticus for commercial application of its vegetative organs.


, Kew words: the Egyptian henbane, flowcytometry, mixoploidy, tetraploid induction
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