Trends in Applied Sciences Research, ( ISI ), Volume (4), No (2), Year (2009-2) , Pages (98-106)

Title : ( Adaptive Controlling chaotic Rössler system via synchronization )

Authors: - - , Rajab Asgharian Ghannad Yazdi , Naser Pariz ,

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In this paper, using synchronization approach, chaos control for Rössler system is investigated. Based on essential structure of synchronization approach and using bifurcation diagram, periodic Rössler systems or master systems for both period-one and period-two orbits are found. Adaptive nonlinear feedback method is used to synchronize chaotic slave system with periodic master ones. Stability conditions are discussed analytically and numerical simulation results are presented


, Chaos control, Synchronization, Bifurcation diagram, Nonlinear feedback, Adaptive control
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