8th International Congress on Civil Engineering , 2009-05-11

Title : ( Modal Response of Dam-Reservoir-Foundation Interaction )

Authors: Hashem Shariatmadar , عادل میرحاج ,

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Vital and special structure such as dams, must have sufficient safety margin under conditions like when earthquake occurred as same as normal servicing time. Hydrodynamic pressures induced due to seismic forces and Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) are evaluated. The interaction of reservoir water-dam structure and foundation bed rock are modeled using the ANSYS computer program. The analytical results obtained from over twenty 2D finite element modal analysis of concrete gravity dam show that the accurate modeling of dam-reservoir-foundation and their interaction considerably affects the modal periods, mode shapes and modal hydrodynamic pressure distribution.


, Concrete Gravity Dam, Modal Analyze, Dam-Reservoir-Foundation Interaction, Hydrodynamic Pressure
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%A عادل میرحاج
%J 8th International Congress on Civil Engineering
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