synergy & technical development , 2009-08-30

Title : ( Preventive maintenan//ce in agricultural machinery )

Authors: Rasool Khodabakhshian , Mohsen Shakeri , Jalal Baradaran motie ,

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Abstract The main purpose of this study is to investigate the possibilities and suggesting the establishment of the preventive maintenance methods in agricultural projects and stating the damages encounter due to lack of a comprehensive method of maintenance and repair. To study the effect of preventive maintenance on lag period, cost, basic repairment and time of accomplishing project, an experiment was conducted at Baghain, Kerman. In 1st year the efficiency of a 3 share Moldboard plow, one disk and one roller without preventive maintenance function and in 2nd year the same experiment but with preventive maintenance function were investigated. The results indicated that the effect of amount of treated soil with each instrument, maintenance and repairment cost, time wasted and efficacy is significant toward accepting preventive maintenance method. Assessment of efficacy of each machine in different states was done by using value added and including the inflation rate (14%).The results confirmed that during preventive maintenance a remarkable difference was observed with each machine. Based on the outcomes obtained by this research, using preventive maintenance engineering methods resulted in the reduction of lag period and expense by 48% and 84% respectively and efficiency rate the machine was increased 1.2 fold.


, رKeywords: agricultural machine, down time, efficiency, preventive maintenance
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