Bulletin of the Iranian Mathematical Society, Volume (35), No (2), Year (2009-10) , Pages (67-74)

Title : ( An Operator Extension oF Bohr’s Inequality )

Authors: Mohammad Sal Moslehian , J. Pecaric , I. Peric ,

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We establish an operator extension of the following generalization of Bohr’s inequality, due to M.P. Vasi´c and D.J. Keˇcki´c: n Xi=1 zi r n Xi=1 1/(1−r) i !r−1 n Xi=1 i|zi|r (r > 1, zi 2 C, i > 0, 1 i n) . We also present some norm inequalities related to our noncommutative generalization of Bohr’s inequality.


, Bohr’s inequality, operator norm, operator inequality, positive operator, Hilbert space
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