International Agricultural Engineering Conference , 2009-12-07

Title : ( Some physical properties of barberries fruit )

Authors: ehsan velayati , Bagher Emadi , محمد حسین سعیدی راد , Mehdi Khojastehpour ,

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Knowledge on physical properties of fruits is of paramount importance in design of equipment for handling, storing and processing. In view of this, the moisture dependant physical properties of berberis (Berberidaceae) fruits were studied in the range of 7-76% moisture content (w.b.). The length, width, thickness, geometric mean diameter, and thousand grains mass increased linearly from 8.87 to 10.31 mm, 5.42 to 6.49 mm, 3.17 to 6.12 mm, 5.34 to 7.42 mm and 50.60 to 156.10 g, respectively while moisture content increased from 7 to 76 % (w.b.). The moisture content increase also revealed an increase on sphericity, bulk density and terminal velocity from 60.2 to 71.98 %, 364 kg/m3 to 444.56 kg/m3 and 4.49 m/s to 9.09 m/s, respectively. Increasing of moisture content caused a decrease on true density and porosity from 925.54 kg/m3 to 718.78 kg/m3 and 60.67 % to 38.15 %, respectively. The static coefficient of friction also increased nonlinearly decrease from 0.664 to 0.641, 0.523 to 0.322, 0.908 to 0.507, 0.646 to 0.515 and 0.778 to 0.619 for box paper, galvanized iron, rubber, black iron, and stainless steel surfaces, respectively with respect to moisture content.


, Moisture content, Physical properties, Berberis
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