Supply Chain Management, ( ISI ), Volume (15), No (1), Year (2010-1) , Pages (80-91)

Title : ( Supply chain leagility in professional services )

Authors: Fariborz Rahimnia , Mahdi Moghadasian ,

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Abstract Purpose – Aims to show that leagility can be applied in professional services, especially hospitals. Design/methodology/approach – The case study approach was used to consider the concept of leagility in professional services. Therefore, it studies a specialized hospital as a professional service provider. Findings – The specific condition of the patients force the hospital to be highly agile and at the same time can benefit from lean strategies. By grouping healthcare services into three pipelines, it identifies decoupling points for the supply chain. Research limitations/implications – The paper considers leagility in a specialized hospital. It is needed to discuss this concept in generalized hospitals with multiple pipelines. It is also limited in that in considers one specialized hospital, thus the results of this research cannot be generalized to other specialized hospitals. Originality/value – Leagility in professional services is something rarely dealt with in the literature. Thus, this research expands on the concept of leagility in professional service, particularly in hospitals and the paper fills this gap in the literature which could be further explored.


, professional services, healthcare, Iran
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