International Conference on Nanotechnology (ICONT-2009) , 2009-12-14

Title : ( Preparation and characterization of lmide-siloxane/silica Nanocomposite Films )

Authors: maryam aldaghi , Ali Ahmadpour , Seyed Mojtaba Zebarjad , Majid Pakizeh ,

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In this work, a series of imide-siloxane/silica nanocomposite films were successfulry prepared via polycondensation, imidization and sol-ger reaction. The nanocomposite materiars were fabricated by various silica network builders, tetraethoxys ane (TEoS) and tetramethoxysitane (TMos). Two types of aminoalkoxysilane, aminopropyrtrimethoxysilane (AprTMoS) and aminopropylmethyldiethoxysilane (APTMDEOS) were used as coupling agents. The molecular structure and thermar performance of these materiars were characterized by using Fourier transform-lnfra Red (FT_[R) spectrometry and Thermo Gravrmetric Analysis (TGA). The existence of crysta ine domains within the hybrid films was investigated with X_ray Diffraction (XRD). Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) was employed in evaluating the hybrid morphology. The resurts indicated the presence of imide and si-o-Si bonds in the materials. weight loss of the nanocomposite firms were redused compared to the pure poryimide. The hybrid firms were amorphous. The use of silane coupling agents yierded the fine dispersion of silica throughout the matrix. The properties of these nanocomposite materials were found ro depend on the type ofsilica network builder, coupling agent and silica content.


, imide-siloxane, silica, nanocomposite, polycondensation, imidization, sol_gel
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%T Preparation and characterization of lmide-siloxane/silica Nanocomposite Films
%A Aldaghi, Maryam
%A Ahmadpour, Ali
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%A Pakizeh, Majid
%J International Conference on Nanotechnology (ICONT-2009)
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