Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, ( ISI ), Volume (11), No (7), Year (2008-10) , Pages (1009-1014)

Title : ( Optimizing regeneration condition in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L) )

Authors: , Abdolreza Bagheri , Nasrin Moshtaghi ,

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In this study, multiple shoot induction and whole plant regeneration from decapitated embryo axes of three chick peal genotypes including MCC252, MCC283 and MCC505 were evaluated on modified Murashige and Skoog s medium (MMS) which, its vitamins were replaced by vitamins of B5 medium, supplemented with varied concentration of thidiazuron (0.1, 0.2 mg L(-1)) or 6-benzylaminopurin (1,2 mg L(-1)) or zeatin (1, 2 mg L(-1)) treatments. BAP was found to be the most effective cytokinin in normal multiple shoot induction. Shoots were elongated on growth regulator-free medium and then rooted on two media containing 1/4 MMS salts and B5 vitamins + 3% sucrose + 0.8% agar with indol-3-butyric acid (0.4 or 1 mg L(-1)). The highest rooting frequency resulted in a medium including 0.4 mg L(-1) IBA. It was found that different shoot induction media also positively affected rooting, where a medium with 2 mg L(-1) BAP in MCC252/MCC505 and a medium with 2 mg L(-1) zeatin in MCC283 were the best media in shoot induction that produced high frequency, thick spread roots. Plantlets were preliminary acclimatized in liquid medium (1/4 MMS salts and B5 vitamins + 3% sucrose + 0.4 mg L(-1) IBA) for 7 to 14 days, then transferred to pots filled by cocopit: perlite (1:1) and kept in a growth chamber until their shoots and roots were well developed. This resulted in more than 70% survival rate


, multiple shoot,
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