International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology-IJIMT, Volume (1), No (2), Year (2010-6) , Pages (168-173)

Title : ( Insecurity feeling amongst Wives )

Authors: Hossein Behravan ,

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This article answers the question “Is socio-economic insecurity feeling (IF) among self sacrificer groups (SSG) of wives less compared that of normal wives?” The method of study was survey and the population consisted of all the wives in SSG families (including: martyr, veteran, prisoner of war) and in their neighboring families in the main cities of Khorasan Razavi province. The sample included 1176 wives while the proportion of martyr and normal was about half. A range of different strategies including multistage, proportionately stratified, cluster, systematic and random were used for sampling. The data was gathered by a researcher-made standard questionnaire. The theoretical framework included need theory, conflict theory, and feminist theory. The results show that the rate of IF in dimensions of housing, financial independence, threat sense in streets, and job was significantly less and in dimensions of husband illness, children’s problems, and sexual need was significantly more among the SSG than those of normal wives. In other dimensions of IF like financial shortage, health, life, authority on children, role of husband, role of kin, role of legal rights, and total index of IF there was no significant differences between the wives. The results confirm the positive role of formal support programs for SSG families specifically in reduction of economic and physiologic IF but also show some neglect in the part of SSG wives with respect to social IF specifically at home in relationship with husband and children and outdoor in relationship with the public.


, insecurity feeling, wives, women, self sacrificer groups , veteran, prisoner of war, Iran.
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