International Conference on Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics , 2011-01-25

Title : ( Smart Spoiler for Race Car )

Authors: Mohammad Hassan Djavareshkian , Ali Esmaeli ,

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A pressure-based implicit procedure to solve Navier-Stokes equations on a nonorthogonal mesh with collocated finite volume formulation is used to simulate flow around the smart and conventional flaps of spoiler under the ground effect. Cantilever beam with uniformly varying load with roller support at the free end is considered for smart flaps. The boundedness criteria for this procedure are determined from a Normalized Variable diagram (NVD) scheme. The procedure incorporates the eddy-viscosity turbulence model. The method is first validated against experimental data. Then, the algorithm is applied for turbulent aerodynamic flows around a spoiler section with smart and conventional flaps for different attack angle, flap angle and ground clearance where the results of two flaps are compared.


, Smart spoiler, Ground Effect, Flap, Aerodynamic coefficients, Race car
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