Journal of International Social Research, Volume (3), No (14), Year (2010-10) , Pages (351-362)

Title : ( Factors Affecting Organizational Commitment: A Multi-Dimensional Study )

Authors: Saeed Mortazavi , Ali Shirazi ,

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The purpose of this research is to identify the key factors affecting organizational commitment and to determine the type and magnitude of their predictive strength of the affective, normative and continuance commitment at four job levels in a large regional electric power company. In-depth interviews over several months using purposive sampling identified 8 factors, including organizational reputation, manager’s competence, managerial support, organizational justice, organizational value, reciprocal commitment, job satisfaction and job security. A questionnaire based on these factors was designed to assess the current condition and the importance of each factor in the company. The findings showed that the mean score of the three dimensions of commitment is higher than average score. Further, it was revealed that while positive variations in affective commitment were predicted by organizational justice and reciprocal commitment, positive variations in normative commitment were predicted by managerial competence and positive variations in continuance commitment were predicted by organizational values, but at a decreasing rate.


, Keywords: affective commitment, normative commitment, continuance commitment, managers’ competence, organizational justice, reciprocal commitment, organizational values
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