Quantum Information and Computation, ( ISI ), Volume (11), No (1), Year (2011-1) , Pages (79-94)

Title : ( Measurable lower bounds on concurrence )

Authors: Iman Sargolzahi , sayed yahya mirafzali , Mohsen Sarbishaei ,

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We derive measurable lower bounds on concurrence of arbitrary mixed states, for both bipartite and multipartite cases. First, we construct measurable lower bonds on the purely algebraic bounds of concurrence [F. Mintert et al. (2004), Phys. Rev. lett., 92, 167902]. Then, using the fact that the sum of the square of the algebraic bounds is a lower bound of the squared concurrence, we sum over our measurable bounds to achieve a measurable lower bound on concurrence. With two typical examples, we show that our method can detect more entangled states and also can give sharper lower bonds than the similar ones.


, Measuring entanglement,
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