American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting , 2010-12-13

Title : ( peeqMap: A software for producing emergency earthquake maps )

Authors: Amir Sadeghi Bagherabadi , Hossein Sadeghi , Sayyed Keivan Hosseini , Parvin Babaei ,

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Generation of emergency earthquake maps (e.g. shaking and loss) needs various knowledge of background studies such as attenuation relationships and surface geology effects. In addition, it requires suitable hardware equipments (i.e. seismic network and reliable communication), and finally a software for estimation and plotting maps. peeqMap, in the current phase, produces shakemap which is the basis of the other post-earthquake emergency maps. This software has a flexible algorithm for estimation of ground shaking so it could be used in any seismically active region of the world, and any seismic network. The software essentially does not require any other location programs to determine earthquake location and magnitude. peeqMap coded in user-friendly Matlab® environment that benefits from computational and plotting capabilities. Graphical User Interface (GUI) of this software efficiently can be used by users to adapt for any specific area. The algorithm of this software contains different methods applied for making some of the urban and regional shakemaps around the world (e.g. the city of Istanbul in Turkey, the region of Ontario in Canada, and Campania region in southern Italy). An advantage of peeqMap is its methodology to apply a combination of the estimating methods of the above mentioned shakemaps.


, Earthquake, shakemap, peeqMap
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