International Review of Electrical Engineering-IREE, ( ISI ), Volume (5), No (5), Year (2010-10) , Pages (2378-2384)

Title : ( Participation in Reactive Power Market Considering Generator Aging )

Authors: ismail niazi , Hashem Mortazavi , Jafar Ebadi , , ebrahim niazy ,

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– As one of the most important ancillary services, reactive power production plays a crucial rule in power system operation, reliability and security. Because of the opportunity costs in providing reactive power, producers are under great pressure to provide VAr support. This paper presents a new challenge on the reactive capability curves (RCC) of the synchronous generator taking in account the normal limits of operation without exceeding thermal limitations. The importance of re-evaluation of RCC in the real world is because of the RCC is changed over time and aging of the generators. In this paper it is discusses about some reasons, which lead to the variations, and the importance of re-evaluation of RCC.


, Ancillary Services, Generator Capability Curve, Generator Aging, Reactive Power Market
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