Candadian Social Science, Volume (7), No (2), Year (2011-4) , Pages (32-38)

Title : ( Social and Cultural Capital in Creativity )

Authors: Reza Pishghadam , Reza Zabihi ,

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A great part of creative activities arises from the interactions between individuals and their socio-cultural environments. The aim of this article is to explore the relationship between EFL learners’ creativity and their social and cultural capital. To this end, the Social and Cultural Capital Questionnaire (SCCQ) and the Arjmand Creativity Questionnaire (ACQ) were administered to a sample of 320 undergraduate students majoring in English language so that the researchers could examine the best predictors of creativity in terms of five factors of the SCCQ, namely, social competence, social solidarity, literacy, cultural competence, and


Creativity; EFL context; Artifacts; Social
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