Small Ruminant Research, ( ISI ), Volume (99), No (1), Year (2011-2) , Pages (1-6)

Title : ( Pedigree analysis of the closed nucleus of Iranian Baluchi sheep )

Authors: Mojtaba Tahmoorespur , Mohamadreza Sheikhlou ,

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A study was conducted to characterise genetic diversity in the closed nucleus of Baluchi sheep using pedigree analysis. Herdbook information collected between 1979 and 2008, including pedigree records on 21,721 animals, was used to compute inbreeding and average generation intervals. Effective population size and parameters derived from probability of gene origin were computed for ewes born between 2005 and 2008 with both parents known (female reference population). The average complete generation equivalent of the female reference population was 5.47. The mean generation interval was 3.33 years in the studied period. From 1983 to 1994, the rate of increase in inbreeding was approximately 0.2% per year, but, after 1994, inbreeding did not increase as in the preceding years and had an approximately flat trend over time. The mean relationship coefficients among rams, among ewes and between rams and ewes in active animals were calculated to predict the future level of inbreeding. The effective number of founders, effective number of ancestors and founder genome equivalent of the reference population were 80, 47 and 19.5, respectively. The realised effective population size was 134 animals. The results of this study indicated that the population under study has fairly good genetic variability.


Genetic diversity; Effective population size; Inbreeding; Sheep
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