Map Middle East 2006 , 2006-03-26

Title : Using GIS for Priority Assessment of Road construction in Kermanshah Province ( Using GIS for Priority Assessment of Road Construction in Kermanshah Province )

Authors: Seyed Hossein Sanaei Nejad , بهروز بادکو , س منجمی ,

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Construction and improvement of road network is one of the most essential tasks to reduce transport cost and increase management efficiency in a country. However, considering of three factors that traditionally are used for such studies including travel time, travel distance and population may not end to realistic results. Therefore we need to consider a multiple criteria model to take all of the effective factors into account using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Kermanshah province in West of Iran was considered for this study. A dynamic database was established to store and retrieve the data for the effective factors in road construction, such as human, social, road, driving, and vehicle factors and also the related secondary factors to each of the main ones. The data were processed and linked to the thematic maps. A Multiple Hierarchy Decision Making (MADM) model called Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) was used in a GIS platform to combine and compare the factors for the assessment. Finally, the layers were overlaid and combined together to produce a composition map that can help decision makers for constructing new roads and improving current road network in the province. A pilot study was also planned to assess the results, which shows a fair agreement with the other methods that are used by professional staffs in the related section. There were still some differences in the results, which can be modified by changing the factor values based on a new investigation.


, GIS, Road Network, Kermanshah, MADM, AHP
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