Shanghai International Conference on Social Sciences , 2011-08-17

Title : ( Investigating of Sources of Group Conflicts )

Authors: Ali Shirazi ,

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Conflict is a natural and ever present element of human relationships, including organizational activities and interactions. Identifying sources of conflict is the first step in understanding and solving dysfunctional conflicts. The purpose of this study is to identify key sources of interdepartmental and intergroup conflicts in a large provincial organization in Iran. To identify the sources of group conflicts, a representative samples of manager and employee groups attended a series of semi-structured interviews. The interview texts were transcribed, coded and grouped along with findings in the previous research which together formed the basis for a separate questionnaire for each group. The Cronbach\\\'s coefficients for the employees\\\' questionnaire and managers\\\' questionnaire were 0.93 and 0.82 respectively. The data collected from 323 employees and 42 managers revealed that organizational and personal factors are the main sources of conflicts in the organization. Furthermore, there are more intergroup conflicts than interdepartmental conflicts. Finally, it is concluded that organizational structure, politically charged climate, ad hoc decision-making and processes and inefficient human resource system are the main sources of conflicts among and between departments and groups. Several recommendations for reducing conflicts in organization are suggested and discussed.


, Organizational conflicts, Conflict sources, Departmental conflicts, Intergroup conflicts
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