International Journal of Food Properties, ( ISI ), Volume (8), No (2), Year (2005-5) , Pages (277-287)

Title : Mechanical properties of pumpkin ( Mechanical Properties of Pumpkin )

Authors: Bagher Emadi ,

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Mechanical properties of three common varieties of pumpkin were evaluated and statistically compared. Toughness, rupture force, shear strength, and cutting force were determined for Jarrahdale, Jap, and Butternut varieties. The investigation was carried out in three cases of flesh, skin and unpeeled product, ignoring the toughness and rupture force of flesh. Relative contribution of skin to unpeeled case of each property was estimated. Varieties were found statistically alike in rupture force, toughness, and maximum shear strength force of unpeeled cases. Also the skin of three varieties showed similar strength in shear (p>0.05). Jap and Butternut varieties for some other properties showed close values. Maximum shear strength force of flesh, shear strength of unpeeled case, and relative contribution of skin to shear strength of unpeeled case were close (p>0.05) for these varieties. Jarrahdale had no difference in shear strength of flesh with two other varieties. It was also similar (p>0.05) to Jap in relative contribution of skin to shear strength, rupture force, and toughness of unpeeled case.


, Pumpkin, mechanical properties
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