3rd international Symposium of Veterinary Surgery , 2011-04-25

Title : ( Herd investigation of lameness in cattle )

Authors: Ahmad Raza Mohammadnia , F.Naderi , A.Khaghani ,

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Understanding herd level of lameness needs deep understanding of dairy farming with special concern on management factors. Lameness is a multifactorial condition, that sometimes make very good situation for controlling the condition and in other hand sometime its understanding because of interactions between different factors is very difficult and may lead to misinterpretation. For understanding herd level of lameness a two phase approach is designed. At the first phase understanding the risk factors of the conditions is essential. Deep knowledge and assessment of the effects of production, reproduction, resting and bedding, heat stress, concurrent diseases, culling, hygienic status and BCS can provide some clues for better understanding the situation. In phase two getting direct information from the hooves (hoof trimming) and locomotion will provide informative data for assessing the situation. In this part these information can get from recorded data or by sampling from the herd. This current study will focus on the above mentioned program and its implication in dairy herds.


, Herd, Cow, Lameness,
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