Novitas-ROYAL-Research on Youth and Language, Volume (5), No (2), Year (2011-10) , Pages (287-298)

Title : ( mediating processes of expert interpreting: a deliberate practice approach )

Authors: Behzad Ghonsooly , ,

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Interpreting is considered to be the most elusive phenomena in skilled language activities i.e., comprehension and production of a language. Recent studies (Ericsson, 2002) have shown that attainment of expertise in interpreting is a matter of designed training activities, namely deliberate practice. However, the processes mediating expert interpreting are remained largely unknown. In this paper, we have tried to describe mediating mechanisms of expert performance of a highly expert interpreter through task analysis, retrospective protocols and diaries. The result of this study is in support of deliberate practice theory, that is, expert performance approach requires interpreters to follow certain performance activities. The participant of this study reported getting effective instruction when he was receiving formal interpreting training followed by proper feedback and monotonous repetition. In his retrospective interview the elite interpreter showed a high degree of motivation too.


, Interpreting, expert performance, mediating process, deliberate practice
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