Indian Journal of Physics, ( ISI ), Year (2005-1)

Title : Maneto-optic Effects in Thin MnCo flims ( Maneto-optic Effects in Thin MnCo flims )

Authors: Ebrahim Attaran kakhki ,

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Magneto- optic Faraday and Kerr effects of ferromagnetic layers for optical switching and optical storages applications[1,2] are important and object of many researches. In these applications, media should have certain basic requirements such as high optical rotation of linear polarized light and perpendicular to the surface anisotropy. In this contestant for improvement of the magneto optic effects of ferromagnetic thin films we considered the thin MnCo films in single and double layer configuration. We prepared thin layers of MnCo by spray pyrolisis method [3] on glass substrate. The magneto-optic hysteresis loop of the samples have been characterized by a special set up of hysteresis loop plotter containing of polarized He-Ne laser beam and an analog to digital electronic circuit. The plotted hysteresis loop of thin layers shows that the layers with small Manganese concentration are ferromagnetic. In transmission mode the Faraday rotation is about 2 degrees for layers with thickness of 100 nm which is quite reasonable


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