The 1st MEFOMP International Conference of Medical Physics , 2011-11-02

Title : ( Hybrid Phantom Applications to Nuclear Medicine )

Authors: Elieh Hoseinian Azghadi , Keyhandokht Karimi shahri , Seyyed Hashem Miri Hakimabad , Laleh Rafat Motavali ,

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Every year too many people are irradiated for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes all over the world. On the other hand, assessment of radiation dose and its related risks to patients is an important aim in radiation protection dosimetry. When we acquire knowledge about the amount of received doses to the body, we will be able to find the new methods for decreasing the absorbed dose. These cumbersome calculations of absorbed and effective doses are now possible with the help of anthropomorphic computational models of human body called phantoms and Monte Carlo codes (MCNP). Latest type of phantoms is hybrid phantom which has been introduced in 2007. Hybrid phantoms retain both the anatomic realism of voxel phantoms and the flexibility of mathematical phantoms. The absorbed dose can be evaluated for any specific patient before individual subjected to radiation exposure by using Hybrid phantoms. Then the energy of emitted particles and irradiation geometry can be determined for any special purpose. The aim of present study is to construct Hybrid phantoms along with other countries for Iranian patients to be used in different applications such as testing new radio drugs or cancer treatments with high LET radiation.


, Hybrid phantoms, Radiation Protection Dosimetry, MCNP Monte Carlo Code, Absorbed Dose
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