International Tesol Arabia Conference 2012 , 2012-03-08

Title : ( Enhancing Life Qualities in ELT Classes )

Authors: Reza Pishghadam ,

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Given the fact that ELT classes have the potential to be the sites of enhancing life qualities, this presentation introduces the term \"life syllabus\" to focus on the fact that ELT is to transcend the linguistic syllabus which is dominant in ELT materials, moving towards a life-skills oriented syllabus. This means that not only must ELT improve the language proficiency of the learners, but also help learners to enhance life qualities. In fact, ELT specialists rather than being obsessed with developing the language learning and teaching abilities, should promote ELT as an ideal sociological, psychological, motivational, spiritual, and personality development. The presenter will provide examples of how ELT classes can foster critical thinking through literary discussions, and emotional intelligence can be enhanced.


, Life syllabus, ELT, Language
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