World Journal of Dairy & Food Sciences, ( ISI ), Year (2006-2)

Title : Rheological Properties of date syrup/sesame paste blend ( Rheological Properties of Date Syrup/Sesame Paste Blend )

Authors: Mohammad B Habibi Najafi , زهرا علايي ,

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Abstract: The viscosity of raw materials is one of the most important parameters required in the design of technological processes in food industries. In order to be able to increase date consumption and also produce value-added products from poor quality dates, the development of a date syrup/sesame paste blends as a novel product was studied. Due to lack of knowledge on the flow behavior of this product, it is necessary to have deep information on rheological properties of such blends. A standardization of such products is mainly possible by knowing the rheological properties. In this study, date syrup with different solid content (60 and 65°Bx) was mixed with sesame paste at different ratio (45, 50, 55%) and the viscosity to each blend was measured at different temperature (25, 35, 45, 55°C). Data obtained from apparent viscosity (0 ) and rotational a speed were used to describe the flow behavior by the power law model both in the forward (increasing shear rate) and backward (decreasing shear rate)-measurement. The consistency index (k) for all samples was >1 and ranged from 4.11-8.2 (Pa.s n) and flow behavior index (n) was <1 and ranged from 0.34-0.7. Therefore, it is concluded that all samples exhibit pseudoplastic behavior at experimental temperatures. The effect of temperature on viscosity can be described by means of an Arrhenius type equation. E value ranged from a 22366.32-29478.95 J/mol as blends. The effect of steady shearing on the flow properties of blends is concerned, first-order stress decay model was used to predict the flow behavior. It was found that blends exhibit a thixotropic behavior.


, Date syrup , sesame paste , viscosity , rheology , sensory evaluation
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