Telecommunication Systems, ( ISI ), Volume (52), No (1), Year (2011-8) , Pages (229-244)

Title : ( A novel congestion control protocol with AQM support for IP-based networks )

Authors: Nazbanoo Farzaneh , Reza Monsefi , Mohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghaddam , AmirHossein Mohajerzadeh ,

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Multimedia services (Real-time and Non real-time) have different demands, including the need for high bandwidth and low delay, jitter and loss. TCP is a dominant protocol on the Internet. In order to have the best performance in TCP, the congestion window size must be set according to some parameters, since the TCP source is not aware of the window size. TCP emphasizes more on reliability than timeliness, so TCP is not suitable for real-time traffic. In this paper an active Queue management support TCP (QTCP) model is presented. Source rate is regulated based on the feedback which is received from intermediate routers. Furthermore, in order to satisfy the requirements of multimedia applications, a new Optimization Based active Queue management (OBQ) mechanism has been developed. OBQ calculates packet loss probabilities based on the queue length, packets priority and delay in routers and the results are sent to source, which can then regulate its sending rate. Simulation results indicate that the QTCP reduces packet loss and buffer size in intermediate nodes, improves network throughput and reduces delay.


, Active Queue Management (AQM) – Congestion control – IP, based network – Optimization problem – Transport protocol
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