International Journal of Language Teaching and Research, Volume (1), No (1), Year (2012-1) , Pages (13-20)

Title : ( Narrative Intelligence and Learning Languages )

Authors: Reza Pishghadam , raheleh motakef ,

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The purpose of this study was to examine if there is any relationship between NI (narrative intelligence) and language learning. To this aim, 110 high school students participated in this study. The participants were asked to tell the story of their first day of the New Year (task 1) and look at a comic strip picture and construct its story orally (task 2). The interviews were recorded and later transcribed. The Narrative Intelligence Scale (NIS) was used to score the narratives. The results of the study showed that there are significant correlations among students\' NI scores and English, Farsi, and Arabic achievements. Moreover, results from Step-wise Regression Analysis revealed that the narration (one of the sub-capabilities of NI) is significantly predictive of language scores. The findings are important to educators as they may offer insights into improving students\' narrative skills.


, Arabic achievement, correlation, English achievement, Farsi achievement narrative intelligence, regression
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