European Geo-Sciences Union (EGU) 2009 , 2009-04-19

Title : ( Techno-genic Desertification Mapping in Isfahan City )

Authors: S. Sadeghi , M.R. Ekhtesasi , Adel Sepehr ,

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Desertification means land degradation in arid, semi-arid and sub humid areas that result from human activities and climate changes. Isfahan city located in centre of Iran and cover 18228ha areas. Population increasing contemporaneous with development of residential zone and industrialization due to degraded of agricultural lands. In this research, have been identified the present status of desertification in Isfahan considering of urban and industrial development indicators using IRS Images. In this paper, some of main indicators, such as population density, green space per capita and national production have been investigated. Results indicated that landscape per capita is lower than standard per capita. Ultimately, were prepared the present status of desertification in the studied area.


, Techno-genic Desertification, Urban and Industrial Indicators, Desertification Mapping, Isfahan
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