Iranian EFL Journal, Volume (8), No (3), Year (2012-6) , Pages (9-23)

Title : ( Conceptions of Assessment among Iranian EFL Teachers )

Authors: Reza Pishghadam , Shaqayeq Shayesteh ,

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The present study, in the first place, aimed to shed light on the conceptual assessment beliefs of a group of Iranian EFL teachers grounded on Brown’s (2008) classification (i.e. Improvement, School accountability, Student accountability, and Irrelevant). Thereafter, it sought to examine each of the four assessment concepts with respect to degree, major, gender, age, and experience. To this end, 103 EFL teachers were selected to fill out “Teachers Conceptions of Assessment (TCoA)” inventory (Brown 2006). Multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) and Pearson product-moment correlation were conducted to the data. The results indicated that teachers mainly conceived of assessment as Student accountability. Furthermore, it was discovered that except for Irrelevant, there were no significant differences among various conceptions of assessment regarding degree and major. In addition, there existed no relationship between gender, age and conceptions of assessment. Correlational analysis of experience equally revealed that except for School accountability there were no significant relationships between diverse conceptions of assessment and teacher experience. Finally, the results were discussed and some suggestions were made.


, Assessment, EFL teachers, Conceptions,
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