Composite Structures, ( ISI ), Volume (79), No (4), Year (2007-5) , Pages (535-547)

Title : Analysis of Laminated Composite Beams Using Layerwise Displacement Theories ( Analysis of laminated composite beams using layerwise displacement theories )

Authors: Masoud Tahani ,

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Within the displacement field of a layerwise theory, two laminated beam theories for beams with general lamination are developed. In the first theory, an existing layerwise laminated plate theory is adapted to laminated beams. The procedure used in the second theory is simple and straightforward and similar to the one used in the development of plate and shell theories. These theories can also be used in developing simpler theories such as classical, first, and higher-order shear deformation laminated beam theories. Equations of motions are obtained by using Hamilton’s principle. For the assessment of the accuracy of these theories, analytical solutions for static bending and free vibration are developed and compared with those of an existing three-dimensional elasticity solution of cross-ply laminates in cylindrical bending and with the three-dimensional finite element analysis for angle-ply laminates.


Composite beam; Layerwise theory; Analytical solution
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