Language in India, Volume (12), No (12), Year (2012-11) , Pages (496-509)

Title : ( Assessing Lexical Collocations in the Masnavi Manavi by Maulana )

Authors: Mohammad Reza Pahlavannezhad , Shima Ebrahimi ,

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In different languages, there is a sense relation between lexicons which makes syntagmatic and paradigmatic relations among linguistic structures. One of the sense relations is collocational relation which is based on a relevance and sequence of two or more vocabularies whose co-occurrence can be predicted. Lexical collocations are of considerable importance in any language and in close association with a community’s literature, attitudes and customs. Any poet’s innovative and unique use of lexical collocations in syntagmatic axis makes his work semantically relevant, graceful, and different from other poets’ works. Due to the fact that one of the most significant characteristics of Maulana Jalalu-D-Din Muhammad I Balkhi’s poems, the present study seeks to investigate and categorize the existing collocations in his Masnavi Manavi according to semantic and corresponding collocations, synonymous collocations, antonymous collocations, situational collocations, historical and Quranic collocations


, syntagmatic relations, collocation, semantic relevance, Quranic collocation, syntagmatic axis, paradigmatic axis
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