Scientia Parasitologica, ( ISI ), Volume (13), No (3), Year (2012-9) , Pages (129-131)

Title : ( Aberrant migration of Ascaridia galli in a Myna (Acridotheres tristis) )

Authors: Hassan Borji , Jamshid Razmyar ,

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The normal habitat of the parasitic stages of Ascaridia galli is in the small intestine of poultry but the exact life cycle is poorly understood. At necropsy, in retroperitoneal of a common Myna (Acridotheres tristis) that was presented for autopsy, high number larvae of nematodes were found. After taking samples, the larvae were subjected to parasitological examination. Larvae were identified Ascaridia galli that characterized by the presence of three large lips and the oesophagus has no posterior bulb. This report clearly showed that few larvae of Ascaridia galli could penetrate the small intestine and were positioned in the abdominal cavity at post infection. It was far more common that the larvae were localized within the epithelium or in the lumen of the crypts. It is therefore suggested that at least in this case “extra intestinal migratory phase” is a more appropriate term to be used for the A. galli larval localization as compared to the term “non migratory phase” currently used in many textbooks.


Ascaridia spp.; Acridotheres tristis; Aberrant migration.
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