Language, Society and Culture, Volume (34), No (34), Year (2012-10) , Pages (43-50)

Title : ( Responses to Unfounded Accusation across Cultures )

Authors: Maryam Farnia , Masood Khoshsaligheh ,

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To apology for an offence or violation of social norm has been agreed by people in most cultures; however, when and to whom we should apologize is of controversy. This study aims at investigating Iranian and Malaysian university students\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' apology strategies especially in situations where responsibility is in doubt. The respondents are Iranian and Malaysian students at University Sains Malaysia.The instrument is an open-ended questionnaire followed by some contextual assessment in the form of three five-point Likert rating scale items. Findings show that both nationalities are similar regarding perception and production of responses in terms of apologies. The findings are hoped to have implications for comparative cross-cultural communication studies and for more efficient interactions across cultures.


, speech act of apology; cross, cultural communication; Iranian; Malaysian; English language
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