Matrials Science and Engineering A, ( ISI ), Volume (559), No (1), Year (2013-1) , Pages (520-527)

Title : ( Multi-stage thermomechanical behavior of AISI410 martensitic steel )

Authors: G.R. Ebrahimi , H. Keshmiri , Mohammad Mazinani , A. Maldar , M. Haghshenas ,

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The flow softening behavior of AISI410 martensitic stainless steel was investigated by double hit compression tests in the temperaturer ange of 950–1100 C and the strain rates of 0.01,0.1, and 0.5 1/s. The tests were conducted withdelaytimesvaryingbetween1and50safterachievingastrainof0.1, 0.16 and0.2inthefirststage.Thefractionalsofteninghasbeenpredictedbytheoffsetstressmethod and thekineticequationshavebeenproposedtopredictthestaticrecrystallizationbehaviorofhot deformedAISI410martensiticstainlesssteel.Experimentalresultsindicatethattheflowsofteningisa functionoftheinter-passtimefordifferentstrainratesanddeformationtemperatures.Usinganalytical approach,thestaticrecrystallizationactivationenergyandkineticsmodelwasobtainedandbuilt. A goodagreementbetweenexperimentalresultsandpredictedvaluesofthemodelwasachieved.


, AISI 410, DRX, Thermomechanical behavior, Softening fraction, Martensitic
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